Blip digitizes and optimizes your company's Sales

You can offer customer service every, reply to messages and answer frequent questions. All in an automated, scalable way, any time.
Blip allows you to manage digital journeys and integrate all the company’s chatbot solutions whether they are calls, sales, stock, deliveries and other services.
The automated call service offers answers and quickly solves the main issues. Without the need to activate a human agent; it gives customers more autonomy.
Count on the stability of our platform to run major campaigns. Boost sales and reach thousands of consumers in important campaigns, events and dates.

It's easy to connect with the main systems on the market:

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Make the company's processes easier and enhance patient experience

Consumer goods

Invest in communication and provide your clients with unforgettable experiences

Financial Services

Digitize communication and optimize processes and operations

Freight and logistics

Manage data, deadlines, stock and processes automatically

Find out more about our services and intelligent conversation platform and take your customer interactions to the next level.

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