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We wanted more autonomy in the creation and adjustments of KORA’s intents and more agility to replicate it in other channels. Take is a Facebook’s partner and since WhatsApp is so relevant in Brazil, we also considered it as a diferential.

Tatiana Michelan

Ko.RE Senior Manager

We were looking to bring the company into the digital era, with focus on innovation. We wanted to move forward with Artificial Intelligence and when we researched some platforms, we discovered Blip and saw that we could have the official WhatsApp API on a more mature platform capable of giving us the evolution we were looking for. // We have evolved a lot in this last 12 months: we started off with a basic chatbot that relied on menus and grew more and more until we got to Fabi, which hardly ever uses a menu, but rather a lot of Natural Language Processing. We managed to do everything we wanted with Blip. We felt it was the best in the market to help us achieve our goals.

Gabriel Diederichsen

IT Manager

Our partnership with Take is invaluable because their tools are extremely innovative for our distribution model via WhatsApp Business.

Diego Dzodan

Co-founder e CEO

Blip is the player that fits best with what Nextel believes is ideal service and work ethics.

Pedro Arakawa

Executive Director

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