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Choose conversations instead of static chatbots. Deliver patient care at the with the help of intelligent conversations.

Automated appointments. No queues and the app your patients use most.

With automated support, your patients gain more autonomy. Provide the convenience of scheduling, changing, and canceling appointments and tests at any desired time, according to their pace.

Your patients will be able to check results, registration information and much more in a practical and uncomplicated manner. Each patient has access to test results, registration information and other important data in communication apps that everyone is familiar with.

Our platform offers several benefits that will facilitate contact between patient and health professional, and best of all: in an automated manner and enhanced by artificial intelligence.

With the platform, it is possible to collect data, perform automated triage, integrate human care, speak to several patients at the same time, streamline admission and thus optimize the work of the health professional.

Talking is always the best solution.

Whatever your business, we use artificial intelligence to make your interaction intelligent, simple and easy.

The best integrations to take your conversations to the next level.

All in one Blip.