of commercial interactions will occur digitally by 2025.


of consumers prefer to engage in private channels rather than traditional ones.


have used messaging apps to interact with companies.
Global Media Study, Business Messaging by Ipsos


of interactions between brands and consumers will be done with Artificial Intelligence by 2025.

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Use contextual conversations to accelerate business on messaging apps.

Engage with your buyers where they are. That’s why the most used app in Brazil should be part of your strategy.

Scalable and robust customer service. Multiple agents with the same phone number.

Agile communication, presence where the audience is.

Automation of processes and deliveries.

Bring all your customer conversations into one platform with AI.

This is conversational intelligence provided by Blip.

Reach more customers, generate engagement, and increase conversions.

  • Campaigns and promotions.
  • Sending coupons.
  • Sending notifications.
  • Unlock the potential of conversational marketing campaigns.

Facilitate the buying journey and optimize closing sales.

  • Orders, reservations and payments.
  • Product catalog.
  • Delivery options.
  • Send cart abandonment notification.
  • Cross-selling automation.

Retain and build loyalty with an unforgettable experience.

  • Automated support.
  • Track deliveries and returns.
  • Send automatic satisfaction surveys.
  • Send customized promotions and coupons.
  • Referral program.

Bring all your customer conversations into one place.

Receive customer feedback in
real time with the artificial intelligence provided by Blip!


Collect all data generated about your brand;


Identify insights;


Create personalized content and promote intelligent conversations.


Increase the performance of your actions with custom content.

Deliver a personalized experience for every buyer.

Deliver a consistent, positive customer experience using AI to scale.

Use AI to turn your buyer interactions into conversations that increase revenue and loyalty.