Blip is evolution that doesn't stop.

And our history is proof of that…

From cell phone store to ringtone.

From ringtone to the chatbot.

From chatbot to new ways to connect.

From new forms of exchange to listening and monitoring.

From Brazil to the world.

What do we promise to deliver to the world?

Conversations at people's pace.

In 2014 we invented Intelligent Contact.

A new architecture based on just one contact, which could be across all channels. Frictionless customer experience.

Intelligent Contact is a new digital asset that transforms the customer experience into a fluid and infinite interaction.

  • An official and unified contact.
  • Combination of technology and human skill.
  • It offers an excellent experience.
  • It evolves based on feedback from customers and users.

Because it's smart to be present throughout the customer's journey at any time of the day, to respond as quickly as they need.

Blip is an Intelligent Conversations Platform that helps companies to build their own conversational experiences, powered by AI, across their entire customer lifecycle - from marketing to commerce to customer care.

Blip has the speed, flexibility and scalability to go far.

  • + 20 years leading the market with conversational technologies.
  • +60m active contacts in 2023.
  • + 310 thousand chatbots created on our platform.
  • 3,700 brands have already invested in our solutions.
    presence in 28 countries.
  • +50MM conversations collected per day on social media.

Learn more about how to run your business on intelligent conversations.