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Optimize transportation and logistics processes. Blip is your partner on this road.

Connect with customers where they spend most time.

Talk to different audiences inside and outside the company without friction points. With Blip, the conversation occurs on the channels and apps that people already use. The company records important data and conversations and thus improves contact between teams.

Monitor every stage of the journey, from order entry to delivery. Automate processes and communications on any scale. Manage data on drivers, vehicles and carriers, control inventory, inventories and cargo.

Integrate in the same conversation automated service, for quick answers, with human service, which solves more complex issues. With Blip, your company can monitor interactions between carriers, couriers and the end customer in one central location.”

Talking is always the best solution.

Whatever your business, we use artificial intelligence to make your interaction intelligent, simple and easy.

The best integrations to take your conversations to the next level.

All in one Blip.