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Integrated solutions, all in one place.

The customer is at the center of everything.

That’s how it is with us: we use the potential that AI offers to build intelligent solutions throughout the customer’s journey with the brand.

The result? Surprising experiences and impactful results.

Whatever your business, Blip is the right solution:

For different market segments

Offer your customers a complete digital experience. Whatever your business segment, we know how to do it.

Explore possibilities within your business.

Integrated solutions that accompany the entire consumer journey within your business.

Turn conversations into sales

Intelligent conversations are the lifeblood of business. Increase conversion rates on the main digital channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and others.

Calling your team to chat

What does every customer want? To be surprised with fast service, far away from the waiting music. What do we do? Agile and efficient experiences.

Surprising your customers at any time, on the platform they prefer, is 100% possible and positive.

Problems have no time to occur. So why should your service?

Serve your customers at any time, every day of the week on the main conversational apps. Sell without limits on opening hours. Bring your sales channels onto a single platform and integrate them with your CRM. 

The way people communicate has evolved, transforming relationships and consumer behavior.

And brands that have mastered conversational marketing are able to increase their conversion rate by 10x, providing meaningful end-to-end experiences, from listening to what consumers are looking for to converting assertively with real-time insights. After all, those who listen best turn conversations into sales opportunities.

A prepared team changes the game.

Human interactions have fallen behind… screens. Integrate communication, be closer to your team through the messaging apps they already use.

Hey, look what people are saying about Blip:

We wanted more autonomy in the creation and adjustments of KORA’s intents and more agility to replicate it in other channels. Take is a Facebook’s partner and since WhatsApp is so relevant in Brazil, we also considered it as a diferential.
Tatiana Michelan
Ko.RE Senior Manager
We were looking to bring the company into the digital era, with focus on innovation. We wanted to move forward with Artificial Intelligence and when we researched some platforms, we discovered Blip and saw that we could have the official WhatsApp API on a more mature platform capable of giving us the evolution we were looking for. // We have evolved a lot in this last 12 months: we started off with a basic chatbot that relied on menus and grew more and more until we got to Fabi, which hardly ever uses a menu, but rather a lot of Natural Language Processing. We managed to do everything we wanted with Blip. We felt it was the best in the market to help us achieve our goals.
Gabriel Diederichsen
IT Manager
Our partnership with Take is invaluable because their tools are extremely innovative for our distribution model via WhatsApp Business.
Diego Dzodan
Co-founder e CEO

That robotic chatbot that doesn't solve problems is a thing of the past!

With Blip you can find integrations with artificial intelligence to converse intelligently with your customers from start to finish.