Evolve your chatbot

Building a chatbot is just level #1!

You can improve and launch even more efficient versions of your solution using data gathered in interactions by bot and other available tools on BLiP.

Improve AI

With integrated Artificial Intelligence, your bot can answer many doubts and requests following the chat’s context. With BLiP, you can use this information to make AI more accurate while analyzing every bot’s answer.

Human service

A bot can speed up processes, but it is not always able to solve everything! Chatting with an attendant is the most efficient way to guide complex user demands. With BLiP, it is possible to integrate both customer service ways and manage them in a single place.

Structure different bots in a single contact

Create new bots and make your smart contact more robust!

You can include new services on other bots using a router. In this way, customers will always be guided to the chatbot that solves their respective issues.

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