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You can structure the conversation flow in your chatbot in a simple and visual
way using BLiP’s builder.

Publishing the bot on your audience’s most popular channels is also quite simple.
Conversation flow
Conversation flow
Designing conversations on builder is easy and it is possible to involve many
members of the bot’s building team.
Integrated with Artificial Intelligence
Integrated with Artificial Intelligence
Bot’s integration can be even more intuitive with AI solutions, because they interpret sentences that the users automatically send and answer!
Updated base
Updated base
Your bot can get data from systems (like CRMs, ERPs, and others) while performing service, and it can feed them with information!

API Integrations

Integrate your chatbot with systems that already operate in your company!

The bot is able to include customer information in the conversation and feed the software with new data collected in the chat.

Learn more about our API

Connect multiple bots

A good bot handles only one service. But how will users be able to solve other issues?

With BLiP, you can insert different bots in a single smart contact. They work in an integrated way within the same chat and can help your users to solve specific issues.

Operation on the main message channels

Create a single bot and publish it on popular message channels, such as Messenger, Skype, SMS and Workplace — or on your site — through BLiP Chat.

100% customizable and safe

Does your bot need any specific functionality? If you are a developer, you can change it according to your needs using our clients, in an agile and reliable way!

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